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We’re on the lookout for fresh voices to join our team of authors. Whether you’ve got a groundbreaking idea or simply a unique perspective on a burning topic, we want to hear from you. Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel of web design or any other digital topic, just aim to bring our readers something they haven’t seen before.

But let’s be real: writing for us is no walk in the park. We’re committed to bringing out the best in your work, which means we’ll challenge you every step of the way. Expect thorough feedback from our team and hands-on editing to polish your piece to perfection.

However, the rewards are worth it. Your words will reach thousands of peers, potential employers, clients, and publishers. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights into effective communication, sharpen your writing skills, and deepen your understanding of your chosen topic.

Write for Us – What We’re After

Feel free to submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or even just a short pitch with an outline. The more fleshed out your submission, the better we can guide you. Just remember, we only accept original content—no recycled blog posts, please.

And please, spare us the press releases and sales pitches. They don’t exactly spark joy around here.

Before you hit send, take a peek at our style guide and recent articles to get a feel for our vibe. Make sure your submission:

For some sage advice on the writing process, check out “Writing is Thinking“, our content creation blog. And don’t miss “How to write an Article“? for tips on avoiding common pitfalls.

Contribute – What We Publish

Our articles typically range from 600 to 2,500 words, with 1,500 being the sweet spot. We often pair them with custom illustrations. Whether your style is laid-back or laser-focused, we’re interested in thought-provoking explorations of the latest trends in the web industry.

How to Submit (and What Happens Next)

Drop us an email with your submission. We prefer Google Docs for easy editing, but plaintext, Markdown, or HTML formats work too. Just no ZIP files, unless we ask!

Once you’ve hit send:

So, ready to make your mark on the web industry, with online marketing and so on?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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